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A bike opens up its rider to nature, new ideas, attitudes & a heart-healthy lifestyle. Tropicana Aman is where you find the balance in life, the idyllic place where the yellow bicycle is a reminder that it is time to slow down, breathe in the fresh air and live in a walk and bike-friendly environment.

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A Walking & Biking Community

Take a leisurely stroll alongside glittering pools. Take a relaxing bike ride to the blooming central park or to visit neighbours. Tropicana Aman is artfully designed to reacquaint you with all the alluring attributes of Nature.

Walk. Jog. Cycle.

Revel in the greenery of the 85 acres central park, easily accessed by myriad 7km of trails and paths.

Sweat & Chill

Relax in the luxurious atmosphere of the clubhouse, encircled by foliage and glistening water.

Meet & Greet

Luxuriate in this tropical haven while still enjoying the conveniences of an urban lifestyle.

Home Sweet Home

Bask in the company of family and friends, delighting in the stunning design of modern aesthetic of your Tropicana Aman home.